Bull Frog Rivet Deluxe Repair Kit
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Bull Frog Rivet Deluxe Repair Kit

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Aluminum Boat Hull Repair Kit

Aluminum boats are a great choice for many boat owners although they do tend to have one drawback. They eventually end up leaking at the seams and more specifically, around the loose rivets. This drawback is not only a nuisance but also a safety concern. Various repair methods are available on the market such as brazing rods, epoxy sealants, patches and even welding techniques. The general census throughout the marine industry seems to indicate that these repairs are temporary at best.

Included in kit:

Rivet gun

poly brush


scour pads

alchohol pads


3/16" bit

1/4" bit

center punch

boat plug

safety glasses

24 enclosed alum. rivets

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