ECMDP-108 8 inch Dual Pivot electronic mount

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8 inch tall overall height with the lift & Turn base, 360 degree rotatioin every 18 degrees, 6 locking positions up & down in 90 degrees with stainless steel plunger assy.  These two features are on the top and bottom of the mount so you have twice as many adjustments.

The base plate of the mount can be used with the thumb screws in the track as shown or you can use the four corner drilled and counter sunk holes and can be hard mounted.

An optional 3'' x 4'' sub plate (ECMP-4) can be purchased to mount first to your boat and then this standard plate will mount to the sub plate and allow easy removal by the four corner screws . 

Universal top plate is 2'' x 6'' pre-drilled and tapped to fit most u-shaped mounting brackets.


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