GTLT-100 Lift & Turn Ratcheting Rod Holder
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GTLT-100 Lift & Turn Ratcheting Rod Holder

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Ratcheting Rod Holder with Lift and Turn base

  • One Handed ratchetability, liquid smooth lifting !
  • Has 17 fishable positions, two positions past 90 degrees, for the ultimate in diver positioning.
  • Fully enclosed ratcheting design with a large release knob for ease of use.
  • All aluminum construction design with solid aluminum hubs in center.
  • Gimbal piece in bottom of tube to keep rod orientated.
  • Keeper cap strap for safety storing rods while on the run to the next hot spot.
  • Oval base provides 45 degree side to side rotation.
  • Has the option to mount on Traxstech downrigger wing arm or horizontal trees.
  • 360 degree rotation on base
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