RRH-400T-17  Dovetail body with S-17PC rod holder
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RRH-400T-17 Dovetail body with S-17PC rod holder

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  • The 13" tall height of his unit allows for the rod tips to be right next to the boat (in the water) while musky fishing 
  • Keeps the rod handle waist high when laid flat out to the side trolling divers, fish disks or flat lining
  • Will keep the butt of the rod closer (out of the way) to your gunwale if pointing the rod tips toward the sky while using with planer boards
  • The oval base provides 45 degree of side-to-side rotation
  • All aluminum heavy duty construction; back side of block also has pattern drilled and tapped to accommodate Scotty & Folbe deck mount type bases
  • Mounting track is sold separate
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